The Murals included on this web page reflect an integration of design concepts exchanged between

Artist and Patron. The Mural process blends Color, Interior/Exterior design concerns, and a

consideration of the potential audience.



We are happy to show to you an artical written about the mural we painted at 190 Ottis Street, San Francisco. Please click here to read it.

190 Ottis     190 Ottis     Alta Bates Hospital Berkley

Cal State University     Grand Lake Theatre-Egyptian Mural Oakland     GrubEllis

La Cucaracha S.F.     Metamorphosis

Oceania     Rock Ridge Bart S.F.S.U. Art Dept Mural

Sarah Bernhart Peony     Freeway Spiral Graphic     City of Ur

CPS Mural     190 Otis     190 Otis

Rollerworld     San Francisco Dog Parlour     The Willow Liquior Cabinent

190 Ottis 2017     190 Ottis 2017     190 Ottis 2017

S.C. Rocklin L.R.C. Campus     S.C. Gateway Campus Roseville





Sierra College Nevada County Campus

S.C.N.C. 1     S.C.N.C. 2

(A Community College course offering Mural Art 301)

This Mural class designed and executed this Mural on the Nevada County Campus in the

student Center /Cafeteria