Personal Art


This collection of Easel Paintings ,Drawings, and Prints represents a sampling of my personal work.

These chosen works represent different directions that I have pursued as a painter.


Absraction    The Pond

China doll    La Foret Encante     Haight Ashbury

Battle of Ignorance     Frisko     In Line

Heart of the Gold Country     Fourth of July

Montana Imaginings     MRI     Oakland Fence Mural

Pearl     Progress-Regress Starlight

Lucchesu Label     Wild West     Triad     Cowrie Shells

Penelope     Redwood Tree     American Landscape

St. Patricks Day     Sylphs     Memories

Oakland Fence Project     Pipe Dream

Dove Bright     UFO Snowflake     UFO Snowflake Number Two

UFO Snowflake Number Three     Painting Space     Snow Over The Lake

Trees     Yellow Flower     Indian Goddess

Magical Apparition     Tree Trunk